“The task of Leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it. For the greatness is there already”. ~ John Buchan

People don’t respect positions. They respect people. The emerging leader for this century has to be more than inspirational.

I am a Twenty-something, Human rights activist from Vancouver, Canada, writing about my experiences and lessons learned along the way. I am a product of a generation that was disenfranchised and materialistic. And a part of a generation of pragmatic idealists who work towards creating a better world.

The new leader is someone who prioritizes social justice, well-being over financial growth, courage, empathy, morality, humanity, optimism and remaining positive in adversity. The new leader values an interdisciplinary approach and listens to the opinions of others before making a decision. This blog is such an endeavor, to help the next generation of leaders cultivate values of integrity and empathy.

“Even an individual at cross purposes with himself is certain to end in failure. Yet a hundred or even a thousand people can definitely attain their goal, if they are of one mind.” – Nichiren Diashonin.

Welcome to The Leadership Formula!


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